Warner leadership ban 'doesn't make sense'

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Test large Shane Warne has voiced his bewilderment astatine however David Warner was overlooked for a enactment presumption successful favour of Steve Smith, aft the erstwhile Test skipper was appointed vice skipper past week.

Warne struggled to fathom however Warner was near retired of the running, portion Smith was restored to a enactment position, connected relationship of differing punishments for their roles successful 'Sandpapergate'.

Warner and Smith some played cardinal parts successful the 2018 ball-tampering scandal, resulting successful Smith receiving a two-year enactment suspension and Warner accepting a beingness enactment ban.

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David Warner should person received the aforesaid punishment arsenic Steve Smith pursuing the 2018 ball-tampering saga, Ian Chappell says. (Getty)

As some men played their portion successful the controversy, Warne was disappointed and confused arsenic to however Smith could beryllium welcomed backmost to a enactment relation portion Warner was barred.

"With Sandpapergate backmost successful South Africa a fewer years ago, however tin the skipper beryllium allowed to instrumentality up different enactment relation wherever a subordinate similar David Warner, who's astir apt got the champion cricket encephalon successful the team, isn't allowed to?" helium said.

"If you're going to prohibition a subordinate but let the skipper to person different chance, it doesn't marque consciousness to me.

"I would've thought they're either some disposable again, and we've each moved on, and we've enactment that successful the past, and you tin beryllium skipper oregon vice-captain again, oregon you can't ... I don't deliberation you tin prime and take 1 subordinate oregon not."

Former Australia cricket skipper Ian Chappell was besides angered by the dissimilar punishments dished retired to Warner and Smith, arguing that Cricket Australia should person shown much consistency.

"I privation that Cricket Australia had made a cleanable break, but for Cricket Australia to get thing close astatine the infinitesimal is asking a spot much," Chappell told 2GB's WWOS Radio past week.

"... Either Steve Smith has a two-year prohibition from captaincy and truthful does David Warner, oregon Steve Smith has a beingness prohibition and truthful does Dave Warner. Same thing."

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