A new Microsoft Store: What does it mean for you and your business? A lot, actually

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Microsoft is launching a caller mentation of its Store with Windows 11. There are tons of changes for consumers and businesses.


Microsoft unveiled its Store with Windows 8. Originally intended to beryllium the organisation method for the caller Appx packages introduced alongside the WinRT SDK, it's since grown substantially, adding enactment for the newer cross-SDK MSIX, arsenic good arsenic hosting video and games downloads for Xbox. Now with the advent of Windows 11, the Microsoft Store is acceptable for a caller lease of life.

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It surely needs it. Even with charismatic gross stock models, it's ne'er had the occurrence of Apple's App Store oregon Google's Play Store, and is often seen arsenic a location for copies of much fashionable applications. Much of that's owed to deficiency of enactment for apps built with the older Win32 SDKs and a reliance connected its ain outgo tools alternatively than galore bundle vendors' existing outgo platforms.

A caller look Windows Store

Windows 11 aims to springiness the Microsoft Store a caller lease of life, rolling retired a caller mentation of the Store with enactment for a overmuch wider scope of exertion types and removing the request for apps to usage Microsoft's ain outgo and subscription tools. That's allowed companies similar Adobe to bring its Creative Cloud suite to the Store, utilizing it arsenic a mode of discovering Adobe's applications. Once you've downloaded the installer, you'll beryllium directed to Adobe's ain outgo level to instrumentality retired a subscription.

Microsoft nary longer gets a chopped of the transaction erstwhile payments are made extracurricular its store, truthful if you usage your ain outgo strategy oregon enactment with a cheaper, third-party outgo service, you get to support much of your app's cost—changing the economics of utilizing the store considerably. As an added bonus you tin support utilizing your ain contented transportation network, each the caller store needs is an endpoint URL and an installer that supports soundless installs.

Expanding the Store to each Windows applications

That's matched by an accrued reach, supporting much than lone Appx and MSIX, adding some the older MSI format installers and pre-packaged EXE installers. This volition let you to bring desktop apps built utilizing further frameworks, similar Win32, Java and .NET to the store without changing immoderate of your existing physique processes. The caller store volition beryllium wherever Microsoft manages its upcoming Android exertion support, which volition tally Android codification connected Windows PCs done an Intel ARM to x86 emulator. Apps volition beryllium delivered utilizing a hosted mentation of Amazon's App Store to instal APKs connected your PCs.

You'll soon beryllium capable to adhd links from your ain web beingness to the store, utilizing a caller Pop-up Store web exertion that triggers a store download from the web, without opening the afloat store app. This attack allows you to proceed utilizing your ain web beingness to advertise, monetize, and enactment your code, lone present utilizing the Microsoft Store arsenic a repository, transportation and update channel. Once an app is installed from the Pop-up Store, it's kept up to day from the Windows Store, truthful you don't person to constitute and negociate an update mechanism.

Microsoft precocious began to adhd enactment for Progressive Web Applications successful the Store, initially offering a curated acceptable for usage with Edge. It's importantly expanding this with the updated Store, putting PWAs connected a par with accepted applications successful search, adding a certification process for archetypal upload. Once certified and successful the store, immoderate updates to installed copies are handled by browser PWA tooling.

All you request is simply a web exertion that's acceptable for packaging, and a instrumentality similar PWAbuilder to instrumentality the tract and physique the indispensable manifest and icon files for usage successful the store. Once packaged, you tin present your PWA manifest and assets to the store submission portal.

Changing however bundle is delivered to enterprises

One large alteration that comes with the caller store is the closure of the Microsoft Stores for Business and for Education. This volition beryllium unopen down successful aboriginal 2023, successful favour of utilizing the caller Windows Package Manager and the winget command. Instead of utilizing a backstage lawsuit of the store, with lone your whitelisted tools, you'll request to physique managed scripts to instal your preferred apps from the nationalist Windows Package Manager endpoints, which see the nationalist store. Apps from 3rd parties tin beryllium stored successful your ain section repository, again utilizing winget to load and update them onto idiosyncratic devices.

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Microsoft is integrating the winget level into Intune, with a nationalist preview successful the archetypal fractional of 2022 and wide availability sometime successful the 2nd fractional of the year. This should let clip to migrate to a caller level earlier the store closures. Microsoft has already started the process, removing enactment for bulk purchases of applications successful April 2021. Support for backstage app repositories should regenerate this, giving you your ain managed cardinal determination for exertion distribution. It mightiness not beryllium arsenic user-friendly arsenic the acquainted Microsoft Store app, but a caller Intune- and winget-powered institution portal should let you to bring Windows and mobile exertion absorption into 1 place, utilizing Intune to negociate licenses straight alternatively than managing a licence excavation done the Store.

There'll beryllium the enactment to usage Microsoft Endpoint Manager to specify mandatory and optional applications, controlling what users indispensable instal and what they tin browse done the institution portal. Microsoft has yet to amusement however winget and the Windows Package Manager volition enactment here, but we'd conjecture that Endpoint Manager volition extremity up including a mentation of winget, utilizing its catalog and your defined database of repositories to supply a mode of selecting what assorted users and groups volition get entree to.

Removing Microsoft from the equation makes sense. There's nary crushed for Redmond to cognize what applications your users are installing and surely nary crushed for it to beryllium a license-management model for your partners. With winget rapidly gaining enactment from vendors and with it treating the nationalist Microsoft Store arsenic conscionable different repository, your ain backstage store becomes a first-class national successful Windows, 1 that you control, not Microsoft.

There's a batch to similar successful this caller iteration of the Microsoft Store. Separating retired user and concern exertion absorption makes sense, with the expanding value of Endpoint Manager and different Microsoft 365 tooling to its endeavor strategy, with a cross-platform acceptable of tools for managing not lone Windows, but besides mobile applications. The caller Microsoft Store expands exertion transportation for consumers and tiny businesses, with enactment for a wider enactment of installers and outgo systems.

And there's 1 much thing:This caller Store (minus Android apps), volition beryllium disposable connected Windows 10. It's a large alteration to however Microsoft delivers apps, but it's 1 that's moving the needle toward users astatine last.

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