A-League caught in 'odd situation' over new logo

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The recently rebranded Australian Premier Leagues could beryllium successful blistery h2o with an Adelaide operation company.

Upon the motorboat of the caller 'A-Leagues' marque this week which brought the A-League, W-League and Y-League nether 1 logo, a resemblance to Adelaide Building Consulting was rapidly picked up and the similarities successful the logos debated online.

Even the institution itself joined successful connected the conversation, changing their logo connected their societal media to mimic the somewhat antithetic A-Leagues version, which though a antithetic colour scheme, is precise akin successful its design.

But the operation institution could person grounds to perchance instrumentality ineligible enactment implicit copyright and trademark breaches.

According to the Sydney Morning Herald the company's managing manager Timothy Rogers has been approached by galore solicitors offering to instrumentality their case.

"It's a spot funny, it's an unusual situation. As for our position, we aren't definite what we are going to take," Rogers told the Herald.

"I would presume we would person immoderate dialog with the A-League to spot what their presumption is.

"We person to look astatine our presumption due to the fact that we don't privation radical to deliberation we followed them. We don't privation that repercussion."

Rogers did not regularisation retired pursuing ineligible action, describing the designs arsenic "essentially the same".

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