5 revelations from CNN's Britney Spears special report

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(CNN)Britney Spears is conscionable days distant from a tribunal proceeding that could find the destiny of her court-ordered conservatorship.

In "Toxic: Britney Spears' Battle For Freedom," a CNN peculiar study which debuted Sunday, immoderate of singer's friends and erstwhile employees spoke retired astir the singer's conservatorship and shed airy connected what beingness has been similar for Spears nether the strict arrangement.

Here are 5 takeaways.

    Former worker says Britney's beingness was heavy controlled

      After the conservatorship was enactment into spot successful 2008, Dan George was hired to negociate the promotional circuit for Spears' medium "Circus." He said that during the six months helium worked with Spears, "She could lone work Christian books ... Her telephone was monitored."

      "I don't cognize whether oregon not calls were recorded, but the usage of a telephone was precise tightly controlled," George explained.

      "The conservatorship dictated to her who her doctors were going to be, which doc she was going to see, however often she was going to spot them, however agelong those sessions would be," helium added. "Every facet of her aesculapian attraction and not conscionable her aesculapian attraction was extremely, highly controlled ... Who she could see, who she could date, who she could beryllium friends with was very, precise tightly controlled."

      That power extended to those astir Spears, George said.

      "If anyone were to explicit an sentiment astir the conservatorship, adjacent conscionable talking to a workfellow oregon talking to Britney astir it, you could suffer your job. You'd beryllium retired the adjacent day. Everyone's expected to support their caput down. Don't inquire questions. And that's the mode it is."

      Jamie Spears declined to remark connected the grounds astir these specifics but his lawyer said successful a statement, "Jamie loves Britney unwaveringly and wants lone the champion for her. He volition ne'er halt loving oregon supporting his daughter."

      Rosie O'Donnell tried to effort scope Spears implicit the years

      The erstwhile talk-show big interviewed Spears galore times implicit the years, and, O'Donnell said, they developed a adjacent relationship.

      "I've reached retired to her implicit the years, we haven't connected, I ever nonstop notes. I heard sometimes erstwhile she would spell to the Four Seasons they would accidental she's coming to the Four Seasons and I would spell down to the spa to spot if I could bump into her, you know, to say, hey, kid, however you doing? You know, I conscionable emotion her," O'Donnell said.

      Britney Spears blames her erstwhile concern manager for her conservatorship

      Sources adjacent to Spears told CNN that she blames Lou Taylor, her erstwhile concern manager who resigned past year, for galore of the issues surrounding the conservatorship.

      One root said, "Britney is alert and angered by the power exercised implicit her by Lou Taylor and her institution which reaped millions of dollars from her estate."

      A lawyer for Taylor and her institution Tri-Star told CNN successful part, "Ms. Taylor was not progressive successful the instauration of a conservatorship."

      Adding they were paid, "an industry-standard percentage" arsenic Spears' concern manager and they person "nothing but fondness for Britney Spears and are arrogant to person served her faithfully for 12 years."

      Inside the 911 calls up of grounds by Spears successful June

      Ronan Farrow and Jia Tolentino reported that hours earlier Spears' bombshell grounds connected June 23, the vocalist went to the constabulary presumption adjacent her home. CNN has learned that Spears dialed 911 doubly from a lobby telephone astatine the presumption and reported herself a unfortunate of conservatorship abuse. Shortly after, officers met with the vocalist astatine her home.

      "She wanted to statesman to found that she believed thing amerciable was happening and so that is what she said the adjacent day, that she felt radical progressive successful maintaining this conservatorship should spell to jail," Farrow told CNN.

      Spears' grounds statement was not blessed with 1999 Rolling Stone cover

      The popular star's erstwhile publicist, Rey Roldan told CNN that erstwhile helium was managing publicity for Spears astatine Jive Records, the statement was acrophobic erstwhile they archetypal saw Spears, who was 17 astatine the time, pictured successful a bra connected the 1999 screen of Rolling Stone.

      "[The Rolling Stone cover] was thing that we feared for a agelong time," Roldan said. "We saw it and we got the proofs backmost from the lensman and I retrieve thinking, 'We could beryllium truly screwed here.' I retrieve being successful the adjacent gathering and it was truly tense ... it was Rolling Stone's determination [to people the cover]."

        Rolling Stone did not respond for comment.

        CNN's peculiar study volition re-air October 3.

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