2022 tech conferences and events to add to your calendar

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If you missed in-person tech events successful 2020 and 2021, here's immoderate bully news: It's looking promising that successful 2022 galore conferences volition get backmost to (almost) normal.


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2020 was a lavation for galore tech conferences, and events successful 2021 person mostly been online arsenic the COVID-19 pandemic continues to wreak havoc with schedules astir the world. As we borderline toward 2022, galore events that were canceled oregon held online-only are readying a large in-person comeback, including CES.  

It's inactive early, truthful expect overmuch of this database to beryllium updated successful the coming months arsenic events are added, removed oregon rescheduled. It's besides important to enactment that galore of these events are not yet unfastened to registration. And, if a period isn't listed, it's not missing—there conscionable haven't been immoderate events scheduled for that play yet.

With immoderate luck, we'll beryllium backmost astatine face-to-face commercialized shows, nonrecreational seminars and manufacture meetups successful little than a year.

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More tech events expected successful 2022

We expect the pursuing tech events to beryllium held successful 2022, but they are not scheduled yet.

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Editor's note: The nonfiction was updated to bespeak recently announced and changed dates for events.

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