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Entire Denver-area family gets coronavirus; here’s their advice

Inside the Hudsons' Englewood home, there has been no shortage of recent family time. 

For the past 2 weeks, the family of four has been isolating with symptoms comparable to COVID-19.

Wednesday, they received the last of their test results, Latest Denver News with all four testing positive. 

"We got it at the same time," said mom Christine Marquez-Hudson. "So we're not entirely sure who gave it to who." 

The symptoms varied by family member.

Seven-year-old Mateo had a fever and was tired, but his symptoms lasted for barely two days.

Ten-year-old Julia had similar symptoms, but they lasted nearly a week. 

"One day I'd get a really sore wrist," said dad Andrew. "The next day, Press Release Distribution Service in Denver it would go away and my back would be sore, and then I'd get the sensation of no taste or no smelling." 

"It's kind of weird how it affected each of us differently," said Christine.

"I think that goes back to, there's just so much that is unknown," said Andrew.

By the time they received their test results, all but Andrew were feeling better. 

"I think from the mental part, the uncertainty has been the most difficult part," he said.

The family had spent their time playing games, watching movies and cooking together. 
For the most part, they say it's been just fine. 

"We came up with a safe word," said dad Andrew. "That was in the event we get mad at each other, anybody can say "pickles," and we all split up and go to a different room until cooler heads prevail. It's been a good tool." 

Julia says it's important to stay busy and remain calm. 

"If you're a kid, I would say don't freak out too much. Don't think you're going to die. Don't overreact," she says. "Try to keep yourself entertained, even though it might be a little hard." 

Christine says her parents are also positive and have had severe reactions to the virus. 

"My mother ended up in the hospital, and it was really, really scary," she said. "It will impact different members of your family in different ways, and it does need to be taken seriously."

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